H3 UAN.its the end of march

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hello world ! today is the third day of UAN. the subject is math and it's easier than B.indonesia.
i have to prepare for tomorrow!!!!!because tomorrows subject is IPA .

and by the way , today is : GABYTA 'S BIRTHDAY !!!!!
you should wish her a happy birthday too , just click the name "gaby" in the blue text ,and wish her everything. or check her out at her blog

honestly , i just woke up from sleep. okay i'm done.wishmeluck everyone

Damn Insomnia

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i'm still awake, damn i hate a situation like this
its 10.30 pm and i can't sleep
i'm tired but my eyes like the other person who still wants to wake up
nan jamdeullyeogo yeolsimhihajiman nan geuleojil moshae.


Kpop Idols !

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maybe you think i'm a freak. well i don't really care. freak is not a bad title i guess
yes right now i'm obsessed with kpop idols . it started when my friend : nadia keep telling me to watch some korean reality show . so i watched all of it. the first group that i fall in love with is :

(from left : Onew,Taemin,Jonghyun,Minho,KEY<333)
first i like their songs and they are really good with their dance. esp: taemin
the song that i fell in love with is Replay(noona neomu yeppo) it means : noona(older woman)
and then i watched their reality shows , so FUN !
currently they are on the reality show : Hello Baby (it's a reality show that you have to take care and babysit a kid like you're the kid's dad or mom)


i started in love with this group after i watched the reality show Wild Bunny (it's a reality show that showing your wild side,but this program is for 2pm only ) and the reality show idol army . My fav songs from them are :
Heartbeat,I hate you,Again&again,only you,Tik Tok,etc

and the other group that i love are :
2AM, Mblaq, SNSD, etc

for more information about kpop idol ------->ALLKPOP news
(PS: about kpop? it's really addictive )


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i started learning photography when i was in 7th grade .
first i don't really have interest in it , but after practice and practice, it's interesting.
it's been 2 years but i think i am still a beginner cause lately i don't practice much because to busy focusing on final exams. maybe you can teach me photography if u want to .

btw check out my gallery on deviantart CLICK HERE
and you can tell me yours too
so we can chat about photography

ohkayy i'm done.Goodbye <3
(sorry for my bad english ha , still practicing)

aaaaah english !

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my english is bad. i really really want to practice using it everyday . because maybe i want to study overseas or because i want to join some home stay program . and there's a lot of scholarship for people who great in english . envy with my friends who speak english fluently .

and by the way today is H2 of the national exam. the subject is english.
it's not really easy for me. i have 6 questions that i answer unconfidently .
i hope the result turns out great .
sorry for my bad english. just practice heeeee.
going to watch invincible youth on KBS world (why the hell i don't study math for tomorrow?idk)


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akhirnya hari ini kita anak SMP se indonesia melaksanakan ujian akhir nasional mata pelajaran : bahasa indonesia. Memang kata orang orang uan itu akan mudah. namun tidak semudah yang dibayangkan. gue saja merasa tidak bisa 10 soal. soalnya sangat menjebak.

masa anak Indonesia tidak bisa mengerjakan UAN bahasa indonesia dengan hasil nilai bagus? ME-MA-LU-KAN.

ya memang seperti itu. tapi saya memilih lulus dengan nilai biasa saja daripada saya menyilet tangan saya.
sekarang harus bersiap2 untuk bhs inggris untuk uan besok. semoga bhs ingg,mat,dan ipa memuaskan hasilnya. AMEN

wish me luck for UAN guys

favorite quote

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Blair Waldorf
"Every time I try to move on, you're right there."

My Class , My Mood Booster

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sedih dikit akan berganti kelas dgn orang2 baru . sekarang udah pw banget haha
my class 9.2 yg kerjaan nya teriak teriak , trs ada tim yang kerjaan nya nge jayus yea pasti setiap hari ada yang bikin ketawa. jadi pembangkit mood gue .terimakasih ya kelas ! <3333
i'll not forget you.


can't get these people out of my head

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the most song that i can't get it out from my head is justin bieber's 'baby' . damn.

babeee im back!

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apa kabar ? setelah sangat lama skrg update blog lagi .

hmmmmmh besok udh UAN . wishmeluck ya everyone!
walau skrg gue masih aja nonton youtube sambil nyemil biskuit bayi :x
mohon maaf lahir dan batin yaaaa mohon doa restu untuk ujian heeee